Tuesday, August 10, 2010

School Time

It's getting to be that time of year.  The summer is winding down.....only 2 1/2 weeks left and were back to the school grind.  When I think about this it's bitter sweet.  My oldest will be a 2nd grader, and my 2nd born will be starting kinder.  I'm excited for them (I'm sure that sounds funny), sad and a tiny bit happy for me, sad for my 3rd born......He's going to be so lost with his older brothers at school.  I love going and helping in the class room.  Last year I was unable to be at the school very much due to me being preggo, so I'm hoping it will work out better this year.....I hope I can make it work......I guess time will tell.

I'm hoping when school starts I can get back into couponing.  I've been watching a handful of blogs since before I had my baby, and I keep itching to do it.  So you say "What's your problem?....What's holding you back?"  As much as I love my little boys, I really don't like taking them all shopping myself.  When I do venture out with them all alone, I get lots of sympathetic looks and comments like "WOW, you've got your hands full"  or "WOW 4 BOYS!!!  you must be very busy".  I've even been told there's a special spot in heaven for moms like me with 3 or more boys.  lol  Cracks me up.....Any how I digress.....So my hope are with just 2 little ones her for half the day, maybe I can go coupon shopping in the morning...  We'll see how it goes.....wish me luck!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Post Cereal Score!!!!

So right now at Albies you can score Post Cereals for a smoken price.  I got 18 boxes and only paid $.34 a box for each with includes tax.  I'm so loving gettting back into couponing.  I'm moving back into it slowly though.  I need to go today to score some more.  I'm hoping to get another 18+ boxes.  Oh how I love a great deal!

Friday, March 12, 2010

So yesterday I registered "E" (my second born) for kindergarten.  He was so cute, and excited.  Once we got there though he clammed up and was real shy.  He did great though, and he's all signed up and ready to start kinder in the fall.  I so can't believe he'll be starting school, time sure does fly.  So soon enough I will just have 2 kiddos home all day.  Such a trip to think about.  Seems like only yesterday we were childless and wondering if we'd every be able to have any children.  Now here we are with 4 awesome, darling little boys!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So before I had my last baby I reallly got into couponing.  I fell off the wagon during the pregnancy due to being to sick, and not going to the story much.  Since my baby has been born I've been watching a few coupon blogs and getting the itch.  So yesterday I ventured out about got a few things.  I got 20 boxes of Betty Crocker Gushers and Fruit Snacks for $.16 a box.  Totally awesome.  I wish I had more coupons, and wouldn't you know I found a few more today.  lol  Then I scored 8 frozen Old Orchard juices for free....yes, I said free.  I love getting great deals!  Now I'm itching to do more........

Monday, February 22, 2010

New Addition

So when your a slacker and don't post anything, things change.  I'm no longer the mommy of just "3" darling gentlemen.  As of Jan 29th, I was blessed to give birth to my 4th little man.  No we weren't trying for a girl, he was actually a surprise.  And just in case your wondering....No were not planning to keep trying for a girl.  For many reasons, we plan to be done.  We are very blessed to have 4 darling, awesome little boys.  Who would have thought 8 years ago we'd be so blessed.  Back then we were hoping and praying to just be able to have one little one, and look at us now!  It's hard to believe my oldest will be 7 in May!  Oh how time flies.  My boys are 6, 4, 2, and 3 weeks.  Crazy!!!  I'll have 2 in school this fall, so hard to believe.  Well my baby is done feeding, so I best be done here for now.  I really need some shut eye.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Wow it's been awhile...... Life has been busy and hair raising. lol I did finally crack and go camping. It was ok, but I still say "camping is over rated". Emotioanlly, the camping trick was pretty hard on me. Not only just the camping part, but we went camping to Bureau Dunes, which is where my parents and brothers family were headed to camp when my mom had her heart attack. I did shed several tears while getting ready, and while there and no one was looking. The boys and daddy had a great time, so I'm glad of that.

Life is a bit more crazy now that my oldest has started Kinder. He's really enjoying himself and is doing great! So far on all the assessments he's done awesome, and seems to be learning tons. I would say he's in the top of his class, if that's possible in Kinder. lol

My baby turned 1 over the weekend.... *sniff, sniff* I tell you time just flies way to fast. Where oh where has the time gone. I can't believe any of my boys are the ages they are. They keep me on my toes that's for sure! I keep feeling that there is another little one for us. Part of me likes the idea and part oh me says "Oh no....I'M DONE". My dh says were done, so I guess we'll see. I'm thinking we'll just leave it up to the Lord and if he wants us to have another he'll make it happen.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Aww.......It's silent other than the hum of my computer. Everyone is sleeping, well except me of coarse. I just finished doing some paper work for some Close To My Heart orders I need to put in first thing in the morning. I should be putting my tired little brain to bed, as I will have to make sure I'm up bright and early to get the orders in as they are for our online clearance sale.

So there's less than a month before my oldest starts Kindergarten. It's so hard to believe. Where has the last 5 years gone. Seems like just yesterday he was born. Yes, I know and now I have 3 sweet energetic boys. Part of me is very sad that my little man will be starting school and part of me is happy and excited. I'm torn, but I know he'll do great and deep down I know it will be good for him. He's a very social boy, so it will be nice for him to get out and make more friends. I wonder if I will shed any tears when I take my little man on that first day of Kindergarten.

Ugh! The man wants to go camping. I so don't want to go. I wonder what happened to me and why I'm such a Pris in my old age. I used to love to go camping when I was a kid and a teenager. I cringe at the thought of pit toilets, no showers now, bugs and dirt. I told him I'd considerate if we had and RV or a cabin, but even then I still just shutter to think about going camping. I think some of my problem is that camping holds a lot of memories for me. Unfortunately the most resent and extremely painful memory I have is that that's what my mother was preparing to do and was so looking forward in doing when she suffered from her very untimely heart attack which ended up taking her life. Oh how it hurts to even think about camping. Any time I think of camping or hear the word it brings the memories flooding back of that awful day. My husband thinks I should go in my mothers memory, but it just hurts so much to even think about it. I guess one of these days I'm going to have to suck it up and go. Ugh!

Oh how my brain wanders and thinks when all is silent and I'm alone. Don't get me wrong I love my boys it's just a little harder to think when you have 2 little boys running around and 3 shrieking and squealing with glee.

Well if I'm to get up early I must go put myself to bed.